Private Homes \ Blenheim Place, Edinburgh

Our proposal is for a two-storey, four bedroom house where most bedrooms are on the lower floor and living spaces are upstairs. The site is a derelict piece of land between Blenheim Place and the garden of Greenside Church. From Blenheim Place itself the building appears to be single-storey, and sits behind an almost windowless ashlar wall which is the same height and detailing of the adjacent plinth outside the church. Entrance is at the upper level.

Internally a roof terrace sits between living space and dining /kitchen. Windows to the terrace from both spaces can be folded back so that in summertime the space can extend right through both rooms and terrace.

The walls are finished in ashlar sandstone to match the adjacent buildings and the roof is planted, with the exception of a small section  of pitched roof which is entirely photovoltaic cells.

Architects Richard Murphy, Calum Dalgetty, Calum Ramsay
Engineer Calum Bennett Engineering
Planning Consultant Scott Hobbs Planning
Client CSG Projects Limited
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