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Planning permission has been granted for a residential project in Greenhill Gardens, one of the most sought after residential locations in Edinburgh.

The site is situated within the Greenhill and Merchiston Conservation Area.

Our design is for a new extension, to be contained solely on the garden side of the existing building, which will provide the additional space desired by the client within a new single storey structure adjoining the rear of the house.

The current silhouette of the existing house as seen from the street facing façade is thus retained in its present form with the view along Chamberlain Road unaffected by the development.

The new extension takes the form of a horse-shoe shaped development in plan, joining the existing house along the rear facade to provide a direct extension to the existing central hallway and then extending out into the garden with two wings of accommodation to enclose an external courtyard space on three sides.

The two new wings provide space for an open plan living area to the north, whilst the southern wing provides a new family sized kitchen and dining area. Both spaces feature large sliding folding windows facing out into the garden to maximise the views of the proposed landscaping as well as the natural light.

Separating these from the existing house are two additional bedrooms, located either side of the extended central hallway. The bedrooms face into two further, newly created courtyard spaces, one soft landscaped to the rear of the exiting garage, the other hard landscaped to provide a new connection across to the existing house and its living room. This room features new sliding patio doors set within a new opening in the existing wall rear wall.

To reduce the visual impact of the new extension from the rear, either from over the adjacent garden walls, or when viewed from neighbouring upper floor windows, the extension is set at a slightly lower floor level than the existing ground floor.

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