Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

The Fruitmarket sits in the central valley of Edinburgh adjacent to (and above) Waverley Station. Our original commission to facelift the gallery was greatly extended to undertake a complete remodelling . This involved the construction of a new roof which flies over the old parapet thus dramatically increasing the hanging height of the upper gallery. In the centre of the roof are large rooflights and under these is a new staircase connecting the two floors and also bringing light down to the lower level. On the ground floor the cafe and bookshop were relocated to the front facade which was opened to the street as a means of dissolving the threshold and tempting visitors into an intermediate space between street and exhibition. A section of the original stone facade was completely removed, to form the new entrance at street level, and provide space for a hoist at the upper level. In the summer this can be transformed into a balcony by a sliding screen.

From within, the clerestories and new windows give selected vistas of recognisable monuments both near and far around the city linking the experience of the interior to the experience of the city.

Top light is reflected off a central warm air duct with south light animating one side of the central screen. This appears as a hidden source when seen from the street. The new winged roof springs from tree like portal frame columns and the staircase is capable of being raised to allow large objects into the lower gallery. The reception desk and cafe were designed by the office but the bookshop of which they were an intergral part was never constructed.

The project was completed in 1993.

Other Details

Architects Richard Murphy, Graeme Montgomery, Clive Albert, Lee Hallman, Andrew Byrne
Engineers Woolgar Hunter
Quantity Surveyor Ross and Morton
Lighting Consultants Jonathan Spiers & Associates
Colour Consultant Linda Green, Studio Green
Contractor Peel Constracting
Construction Cost £327,000
Client Fruitmarket Board


1993 EAA Silver Medal Award
1993 Civic Trust Award Commendation
1993 RIBA Award


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