This unsuccessful competition entry in a limited competition proposed housing on what had hitherto been zoned as future office development at an undeveloped end of the existing business park on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The immediate environment of the development is extremely hostile with industrial sheds outside the boundaries of the park on two sides and open derelict land on the other two and so the response in our design was to make an essentially inward looking and protected environment. Our inspiration was found in the traditional Chinese villages of South East China and also, of course, in the arrangements of various circus' in the Edinburgh New Town. Unlike the New Town however we proposed to make the central space a semi private experience with entry to it at two distinct controlled communal entrances. Once into the central space there is a large communal space for the use of all the residents and flats at upper levels also have extensive roof gardens and views. All parking is semi-underground.

Architects Richard Murphy, Ben Wilson, Piotr Kmiotczyk, James Cockburn
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