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The complete renovation of No. 37 Carlton Terrace Mews follows in the tradition of the renovation of nearby No. 17 Royal Terrace mews and Nos. 10 and 11 Regent Terrace Mews. Unlike these mews houses, this part of Carlton Terrace Mews is unusual since the two storey mews houses here have a wide frontage and narrow depth but mainly as they have two front doors; a ground floor entrance and garage to the mews itself and a first floor entrance to Carlton Terrace Lane.

The total footprint is small, 73m2, and the brief requires the garage to remain intact and separate from the property. We agreed that the Carlton Terrace Lane door be designated the main entrance and the new plan makes a single open space at the upper level containing kitchen, dining and living and a small raised study area near the front door. As in Royal Terrace Mews a ridge roof light admits new light to the whole space. At the lower level is a bathroom and two bedrooms. The second bedroom is a bunk bed arrangement which can be concealed behind cupboard doors so that when not in use this room acts as a passageway to the Mews exit door.

Externally there is little change other than the opening up of what appeared to be a double garage into the mews and placing a glass block window to the secondary bedroom at this point.

The project was completed in August 2012.

Architects Richard Murphy, Klas Hyllen, Gareth Jones
Engineers Create Engineering
Contractor Inscape Joinery
Client Caroline Cook
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