Education \ Learning Foundry Building, Trinity College Dublin

Invited competition for the Foundry Building for Engineering and computing, Trinity College Dublin, 2017. Unbuilt.

The competition site sits to the rear of the 19th century zoology building on the eastern end of the campus. The brief was described as "emerging" and was a highly ambitious imagining of a combination of engineering and computing subjects and their interaction never yet achieved. So important was this project to the University (they described it as "pivotal" ) we concluded that the building needs both a main entrance to the historic campus green and also a an entrance to the rear lane with student encouraged to walk between the two. The historic Zoology building however dominated the western approach so we proposed a ramp to a new lower entrance within the existing building plinth by-passing Zoology above. This gave way to an atrium where all the activities of the building could be on display. On the roof was a roof garden of greenhouses extracting air from laboratories below.

The project was submitted in association with Taylor Architects of Castlebar.

Architects Richard Murphy Architects in association with Taylor Architects of Castlebar
Client Trinity College Dublin

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