Master Planning \ Kingston Galway City Master Plan, Ireland

Masterplan of a suburban site, Galway for housing and superstore, 2019. Unbuilt.

This project was another collaboration with our colleagues Taylor Architects of Westport. The site is a large and non-descript piece of undeveloped ground surrounded by recent nondescript suburban housing. The proposal envisaged a large single superstore, some smaller retail units, a nursery school and a variety of apartments, town houses and suburban detached and semi-detached housing.

The design envisaged some formal urban planning in contrast to the usual wandering suburban developments with, on entry to the site form the adjacent main road, a "high street" formed of the superstore on one side and the retail units on the other. The superstore took advantage of a fall in the site to accommodate much of its car park and serving at a lower level.

The apartments were organised into cruciform plans with private communal gardens in the manner of our project at Moore Street Glasgow.  The town houses took the Edinburgh New Town "half level" approach with single bedroom apartments at a lower level and duplexes at an upper level both reached by half-level staircases. This element formed a green on the axis of the main entrance street. The suburban housing behind it was modelled on ideas developed at Harlow with long houses placed at right angles to the street each having their own walled garden and forming pedestrian friendly walled lanes.

Architects Richard Murphy Architects in association with Taylor Architects of Westport
Client Lioncor Developers, Dublin
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