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This extensive housing proposal anticipates the demolition of an office building constructed in the 1970's on the site of two Victorian houses with extensive treed gardens. The office building, whilst demolishing several trees, built its plan in such a way as to occupy space between trees with preservation orders.

Our project for approximately three hundred flats on the site is mindful of preserving the mature bank of trees along the south and east boundaries but at the same time attempts to recreate a landscape on the site, a phenomena which was abolished with the creation of the office building. The vast majority of the flats form a U shape around a proposed private residents' garden which establishes a green space in the heart of the whole site. An internal road along the northern boundary of the site gives access also to a northern block consisting of social housing with private housing on the top. The density of development allows for all residential parking to be underground and the language of the building takes its inspiration from the Trinity Sea Captains' houses forming into a series of towers which developed into lanterns at their tops.

The project was a joint venture with Dutch developers MAB and CALA Homes. The scheme was abandoned and a different scheme has been built.

Architects Richard Murphy, Bill Black, Justine Fernandes, James Cockburn, David McPeak
Construction Cost £35m
Client CALA Homes and MAB (UK) Ltd


14 February 2008 Work Begins On Trinity Gardens, Meyer Bergman's 'Sanctuary In The City' Uptown Magazine
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22 November 2007 Branching Out In Edinburgh - Take To The Treetops At Trinity Gardens The Scotsman
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