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A new house of 140sq m was  to be located in the Morningside conservation area, an area whose characteristics are substantial Victorian villas surrounded by gardens. The house would have sat in the side garden of one of these villas which has itself been divided into two apartments in the 1960's. It's location and form take its cue from several of the lodge houses found in the area where houses engage with the existing stone pavement boundary wall. It is a simple form with the three other elevations clad in a dark stained softwood. A slate roof dominates and together with the gable end are the main characteristics of the house when seen from the street.

Internally, the plan is dominated by a double height living space which with the kitchen opens completely to a south facing garden. Two bedrooms to either side of the space sit in the roof with the third, designed for a disabled member of the family on the ground floor. The entrance to the house was via a new "garden gate" with the existing gate giving access to the garden. Sadly this project has been cancelled and the site has been sold. 


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