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Strathaven Airfield is the oldest continually used airstrip in Scotland. It is now a busy and active centre for micro-lighting and the owner has commissioned the practice to design a house for himself and his partner to be situated parallel to the runway. To allow for maximum supervision and minimum invasion of privacy, the main rooms of the house are on the first floor with only a garage and extra bedrooms on the ground floor. The structure is a simple cantilevered steel frame and the proposed roof and wall cladding is mill-finished corrugated aluminium, a material which resonates with local farm cladding and indeed the cladding of the adjacent hangars.

The house also featured on the the television show Grand Designs S13E05 The Metal Sculpture Home.

Architects Richard Murphy, Peter Hunt
Engineers Create Engineering
Quantity Surveyor McLeod & Atken
Construction Cost £400,000
Client Colin Mackinnon and Marta Briongos


2019 RIAS Award
2019 RIBA Award


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