Private Homes \ New House at Kilchoan House, Loch Melfort, Argyll

Invited competition for a new house at Kilchoan House, Loch Melfort, Argyll, 2017. Unbuilt.

This unusual competition asked for proposals for a large private house on the shores of Loch Melfort in the grounds of a derelict Victorian house, itself due for demolition. The client, a Chilean businessman of Scottish extraction, was already constructing a chapel dedicated to St Comghan nearby. The site was a sloping lawn on the shore in front of the existing house with a spectacular view out to Loch Melfort where the client was expected to anchor his yacht.

We were so inspired by the site that we decided to offer two alternative designs. Taking advantage of the fall in the site we proposed a two storey "upside down" design with bedrooms on the ground floor but appearing to be only one storey from the landward side. A two storey living room was at the heart of the plan. The second design took its inspiration from Scottish tower houses and proposed a five storey house (with lift!) with a single main space per floor surrounded by "thick walls" of service space, circulation, etc. The master bedroom was on the top floor the guest bedrooms disappeared beneath a lawn at the front at the lowest level.

Both designs were rejected in favour of a "traditional design".


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