Private Homes \ House at 6 Braid Hills Approach, Edinburgh

Proposal for a new 5-bedroom house in the Braid Hills, to the south of Edinburgh.

Our clients purchased an undistinguished bungalow with the intention of demolishing it and replacing it with a new 500 sq m home. The site is quite extraordinary, both in terms of topography and outlook. Sitting on top of a hill (at a slightly higher altitude than Edinburgh Castle) there is a 270-degree panoramic view from Arthur's Seat to the Pentland Hills, taking in everything from Edinburgh Castle, the Fife Coastline to the 3 bridges. At present the existing house is only accessible via an external staircase rising some 9.5m from the parking area.  A new access driveway will be constructed allowing vehicles to climb up the site anticlockwise, passing through the house before arriving at a forecourt granting access to the house on the east-facing elevation.

In the tradition of the picturesque, the main view of the landscape is therefore withheld until within the house, presenting first a panorama to the west (Pentland Hills) and then up a stair to the living room to the spectacular framed view to the north with the Castle at its centre (this is depicted with a series of views taking at various points on this journey below). The three-storey house has guest rooms, garage, hobby room etc. on the ground floor, the main living spaces as a continuous cascade of space on the first floor, with family bedrooms on the top floor. The materials are white brick and zinc with timber-lined soffits. The house will have no gas, instead being powered via ground source heating (incorporating an air-recirculation system) and PV panels.

The house was submitted for planning permission in February 2022 and approved in March 2023.  Sadly the clients relocated outwith Edinburgh and the existing house has since been sold.


Architects Richard Murphy, Calum Dalgetty
Engineers Calum Bennett Engineering
Road Engineer David Narro Associates
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