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This project is an unsuccessful entry to a limited, invited architectural competition for ideas for the semi-derelict Hay Castle which sits in Hay on Wye on the border between England and Wales. The original building sits on a mound in the centre of the town and consists of a ruined entrance tower, a semi-inhabited 18th century house and miscellaneous outbuildings.  Although in the centre of the town it is badly connected and difficult to enter.

The Trust owning the building was looking for ideas and our proposals were broadly threefold. Firstly, to place a new exhibition and interpretation centre within the existing building and within the ruin where we proposed making a new building.  Secondly, we proposed converting the extensive lawn of the mound into a contemporary version of a Baroque garden with a series of inter-locking garden rooms as a destination in its own right.  This would be accessed by the reopened castle gateway.  Thirdly, within the garden we proposed making a pavilion for a restaurant and wedding suite, acting as an income generating facility and from which view of the original building could be enjoyed.



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