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House at Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh

House at Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh

The new house will sit on a vacant plot in a row of Georgian and Victorian villas and it takes its cue from the older of its two neighbours. The elevation has approximately the same proportions although the new house is three stories high, the top storey is recessed.  Nonetheless, the roof edge exactly coincides with the height of the cornice of Number 88 adjacent. The front elevation will be made of hori­zontally indented ashlar to match the Craigleith stone and the rear and side elevations finished in a buff brick. The rear elevation is mostly glazed. Since the garden faces south west it was considered sensible to place both the public rooms there but above each other. The cross section shows how two storeys to the rear are matched by three  storeys to the front. A dramatic top lit three storey high hallway and staircase in the centre of the plan connects all the levels. The living room at level 1.5 connects to the rear garden by a spiral staircase but also via a half level staircase to a roof terrace from where Arthurs seat can be seen a half level above the living room is a east facing terrace from which a view of Arthur’s seat can be seen.

A planning application was made in June 2020

Client: Private Clients




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