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House at Gullane

House at Gullane

The site is a detached section of the former garden of ‘Craigour’, Broadgait, Gullane.The house is placed in the north east corner of the site so as not to conflict with the rootball of any significant trees.. The design is predicated on respecting trees, being as unobtrusive to neighbours as possible, and creating as big a private garden as possible by placing the house close to the northern boundary of the site. It takes on the form of a "long house" with all the rooms in the house facing south and the angle of the roof calculated to admit light during the winter but to create shade in the summer. A south facing rooflight also admits light deep into the plan.

Broadgait sits outwith the Gullane conservation area, with the surrounding houses along the road being an eclectic mix with no predominant material or style. This small house, set back by 21.7m from the road, is protected by mature trees and will be an unobtrusive but contemporary addition to the collection.

The materials of the house are stained larch and the roof is a profiled sheet metal, with a dark powder coated finish. Windows and doors are stained softwood. The superstructure along the south elevation is galvanised steel. Eight photovoltaic cells, covering a total area of 12sqm, are included in the design, and these are hoped to supply some of the energy requirements for the home. A carbon neutral log burning stove also decreases the carbon footprint of the house in the winter months.

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Architects Richard Murphy, Tom Hetherington, Angus Henderson, James Cockburn
Engineers David Narro
15 Old Fishmarket Close, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 1RW | Tel 0131 220 6125 |