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Chengdu Wide Horizon Houses, China

Chengdu Wide Horizon Houses, China

The practice was invited to provide a sketch design for a medium density housing scheme for a private developer in Chengdu, China. 

 The brief called for a series of 3-4 bed family dwellings on a suburban site which stepped steeply from the access point to a lake on the low end. The strategy worked with the topography to create a series of stepped terraces, allowing each unit south light and a view of the lake. The urban arrangement organised itself in a series of mews lanes staggering horizontally on either side of the lane to enhance sightlines over such a dense occupancy.

 It was predominately composed of two house types, one with a terrace garden and one with a sunken garden which allowed the massing of each to shift and provide the sightlines. The material language of the scheme composed of stone bases with glass upper levels containing the living spaces and floating roofs directing the views. 

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