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ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Richard Murphy Architects is a multi-award winning architectural practice with a justifiable reputation for achieving the highest quality of Architecture; specialising in the provision of Full Architectural Design and Master-planning services. We believe that our best advertisements are our completed projects and our best advocates are our past clients. We are therefore committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best level of service possible. 

To ensure this is achieved, the company has established and documented a Quality Management System which has been certified by the BSi as achieving ISO 9001:2015 registration for the Provision of Architectural Services. Our goal is the continuous improvement of our services incorporating best architectural practice and regulatory compliance, satisfying the RIBA requirements for a Chartered Practice.

The quality management system regularly evaluates the Company’s processes and customer needs.  We have set quantifiable goals with measures in place to ensure continual improvement.  Our key aims are to:

  • achieve consistency across all projects;
  • consistently meet Statutory and Regulatory requirements;

In addition, specific measurable objectives are set by the Directors and communicated to all employees.  These are subject to review during Management Review Meetings.

The Directors are committed to ensure the availability of personnel and resources to ensure these objectives are met. The Quality & Environmental Representative has the authority and responsibility for the implementation and control of the system.  He shall ensure that quality documentation is available and/or accessible to all personnel and that they are fully aware of all quality assurance and technical activities affecting their role.

When aligned with other policies and business objectives, this policy will ensure that we provide an efficient and effective service to our customers’ that consistently meets or exceeds expectation.

Compliance with this Quality Management System is mandatory for all employees of Richard Murphy Architects.

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