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ISO 14001

ISO 14001


Richard Murphy Architects is a multi-award winning practice with a justifiable reputation for the highest quality of Architecture. Our principal aim is to design exciting and elegant buildings that are efficiently and sensibly planned so as to enhance the lives of those who use them now and in the future. In this respect, we regard issues of sustainability and the environment as an integral part of all elements of design and strategy for our projects and this is recognised by our commitment to the following framework:

•Always work with the local climatic conditions and to use them to generate elements of the design. This might involve any combination of use of daylight, passive solar gains, air movement for ventilation and use of movable building elements to provide simple control mechanisms on the internal environment.

•Reduce the need for mechanical or other energy consuming systems in the environmental control of our buildings.

•Comply with all regulatory and legislative requirements and exceed government targets in the use of insulation against heat loss and reductions in energy consumption.

•Whenever possible, make use of local materials, local suppliers and local workforces to carry out our projects.

•Use recyclable materials whenever possible.

•To investigate the possibilities of new technologies and systems and their potential benefit to the carbon footprint and life time cost of the project.

As a company, we will have introduced a comprehensive environmental management system which forms an integral part of our organisational culture of commitment to continual improvement and protection of the environment. Through this we aim to minimize our environmental impact and prevent pollution by:

•Reducing energy use, waste production and increase recycling

•Promoting sustainable travel to work to our staff 

This management system has been recognized by the BSi as achieving their ISO 14001:2015 certification. This policy will be subject to annual review and update.    

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