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Three Houses At Greenhill Park

Three Houses At Greenhill Park

10A Greenhill Park is a two storey house designed by Esme Gordon originally for his own use and constructed circa 1965. It was recently spot-listed Grade B. Our design proposes the demolition of the existing structure and the construction of a single building consisting of two three-storey family houses with substantial private gardens and a two storey house having a extensive roof terrace on top of garage parking for six cars, two for each residence.

The general form of the building follows the pattern of the adjacent detached Victorian villas, but in this unique location forming an L shape between Number 10 and Number 16. The three storey section has an equivalent massing to the adjacent villas also at the same approximate distance from the boundary. The building line of the rear of the villas is again approximately extended and like many of the adjacent houses there is also a rear extension.

The two three storey houses are broadly similar having an L shape plan and on the top floor the massing steps back with roof terraces to avoid shading to adjacent gardens. The front elevation gives directly onto a shared hard paved courtyard. The two storey house is "upside down" with all the living accommodation facing directly onto a roof terrace with boundary walls at 1700mm above terrace level to ensure privacy. Bedrooms on the ground floor look onto a small garden on the northern boundary which connects via an external staircase to the roof terrace.

The materials will be white stone render walls, steel windows, glass blocks, iroko garage and front doors and cladding to the rear living rooms, zinc roofs and gravel paving to the courtyard.

Other Details
Architects Richard Murphy, Ben Wilson
Construction Cost £1m
Client Alistair and Julia White
  • Early 2005Listing Of 'box-like' House Sparks Row Over HeritageThe Daily Telegraph
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