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Steading, Broomhill, West Lothian

Steading, Broomhill, West Lothian

From a carved lintel found in the farmhouse, the derelict farm steading at Broomhill, West Calder, dates, we think, from 1791. It is a typical Lothian steading building being single storey stone construction and having the original farmhouse in the centre, facing south, with two wings of farm buildings on either side forming an informal courtyard. The steading had been derelict for some time and for safety reasons had all its roof timbers removed.

The project aimed for the partial inhabitation of the two wings of the steading, the partial demolition of the remains of the original farmhouse and the construction of a new pavilion building linking the two former steading wings. The strategy of the design was to place within the remains of the steading the cellular rooms of a large family house; these being generally the bedrooms and service accommodation. In this way, we use the existing window openings (supplemented by ridge roof glazing) and generally avoid making major new openings in the predominantly stone walls. The two main living areas are the kitchen/dining area and the living room and we have placed these in a glazed pavilion in the centre of the site.

To the west are childrens' and guest accommodation; to the east parents' rooms and a gym. The winged roof of the pavilion springs from a top-lit spine wall housing kitchen and inglenook fireplace. Both these rooms are fully shuttered and by sliding/folding windows can connect directly to exterior spaces both north and south. The form of the new building bears a superficial resemblance to the profile of a micolight, a passion of both the client and his extended family.

The project was completed in 2001.

Other Details
Construction Cost £250,000
Client Mr Dennis McCormack
15 Old Fishmarket Close, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 1RW | Tel 0131 220 6125 |