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House at Seaside Road, Aberdour

House at Seaside Road, Aberdour

The proposed house occupies most of the frontage to Seaside Road which runs parallel to the shore in Aberdour. The site is a mature garden and contains a number of trees, none of which are of a very significant size. The house was to be set back from the retained boundary wall by approximately 6m. A new vehicle gateway is shown and would have been completed by a sliding timber gate. A new pedestrian entrance to the road was placed in approximately the middle of the boundary. A double garage would have come forward of the general building line.

The main thrust of the design was to build a house which exploits the natural contours of the site. All the major public rooms - family room, dining room/kitchen and living room, together with the master bedroom were to be placed on the garden elevation, each room being capable of being spatially inter-connected to its neighbours and each having a level difference of approximately one metre. The garden elevation is largely glazed, each ground floor room opening up entirely to its respective terrace. A horizontal roof would have acted as a datum to the changing ground level so that the western end of the house was a single storey rising to two storeys at the eastern end. The house had been deliberately kept at a low level to reduce its visual impact from the road. The road elevation was largely obscured from public view by the boundary wall. Both major elevations detach the roof so that it appeared to "float" above the masonry walls. Down the centre of the roof is a south facing roof light.

Materials wererubble stone to match existing garden walls, white render, steel and hardwood windows and a high performance grey felt roof.

The house has been submitted for full planning and conservation area consent to Fife Council. It was the client's intention to sell the site with planning permission once the consent had been achieved but the project has been abandoned.

Other Details
Architects Richard Murphy, Gareth Jones, Tersius Maass, Piotr Kmiotczyk
Client Mr & Mrs Harris
15 Old Fishmarket Close, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 1RW | Tel 0131 220 6125 |