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2 Regent Terrace

2 Regent Terrace

The bathroom is often the most underrated room in the house, but ask anyone who has shared a flat and they will confirm its hallowed status as a bastion of personal space. Dr Parker asked us for a bathroom which would be just that for more than one user.

This was achieved by placing the services in a central column which can be divided in two by folding out two of the cherry panels which make up the wall surfaces. A new door was then created so that the bathroom was accessible from two bedrooms. The skylight was removed and replaced with brightly lit vaulted ceilings to give the now smaller portions of the room a greater felling of space. The gable ends of these vaults being mirrored to appear continuous. The bathroom is only provides with one toilet as a WC in the hall is easily accessible from one of the bedrooms.

We believe that this project has been destroyed by a subsequent owner.

Other Details
Construction Cost £20,000
Client Dr and Mrs Parker
  • Autumn 1999Two's CompanyProspect Issue 70
  • September 1999Spend A PennyDesign Drum
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